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Florida’s Urban Extension Strategic Plan

Posted by Lendl Meyer | January 25, 2016

Thursday Feb 25, 2016 12-1 pm PDT.

Florida's Urban Extension Strategic Plan 2016Description

Taking a bold step toward active and deliberate engagement of the state’s urban regions, University of Florida’s Strategic Plan for Urban Extension Initiative is organized to use an adaptive management approach that promotes flexible, adjustable decision-making in the face of uncertainty as outcomes from the initiatives actions and other events become better understood. A snapshot of plan components, alternatives for action and our early steps in initiation will be discussed.

This webinar will discuss how a two year planning process resulted in the adoption of the plan and where IFAS is in the implementation phase.


Presentation Slides (.pdf)
Urban Extension Strategic Plan (.pdf)
Final Briefing Document (.pdf)



Presenter Bio

Charlie Vavrina HeadshotCharlie Vavrina

Dr. Vavrina is the product of three land-grant universities.  In his academic career he served as a Vegetable Extension Specialist at both the University of Georgia and UF attaining the rank of professor in 2002.  He transitioned to Extension administration that same year to oversee 11 counties as one of Florida’s five District Extension Directors.  His predominately coastal district in SW FL includes the Tampa-St. Pete corridor and encompasses 5.2 million people.  His passion for urban Extension began in the mid 90’s with the realization that FL’s burgeoning population would soon position it as one of the most populace states in the US (presently 3rd).  He has championed the urban Extension movement in FL, the southeast though the Southern Region Program Leadership Network as the  Middle Managers Urban Task Force Chair and nationally through the National Urban Extension Leaders where he sits on the Steering Committee.  Dr. Vavrina recently retired but continues to champion urban Extension when and where he is asked.