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Jude Wait, Ph.D

Posted by msanderson | November 11, 2021
woman with sunglasses smiling and holding a sign that reads I Eat LocalJude Wait, Ph.D
Research Fellow
Washington State University
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Jude Wait’s Deep Dive project exemplifies a life-long dedication to environmentally just, socially equitable, and economically inclusive sustainability solutions to the problems that challenge ecosystem resilience. Jude’s Ph.D. in Environmental and Natural Resource Science from WSU involved research that centered farmers’ perspectives in assessing the Resilience of Food Farming in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions. Jude also conducted action research with cooperating city-region farmers to earn a Master’s in Management from Southern Oregon University (SOU). Jude completed Graduate certificates in Sustainability Leadership (SOU) and Sustainable Agriculture (WSU). Their team-building skills served well in collaboratively producing the Sustainable World SourceBook (2010). Prior experience includes co-leading multi-stakeholder regional and national networks in the community-based forest/watershed restoration development sector, emphasizing multi-cultural workforce training and empowerment. After earning a bachelor’s in geology from U.C. Berkeley, Jude applied watershed science to land use planning, restoration, and research programs on public, private, and Tribal lands. Adopting a resilience lens reaches beyond sustainability to acknowledge complexity across time and space, foster adaptive capacity, and mitigate adverse cumulative impacts to the agroecosystems that sustain communities.  

Jude's Work

Urban Agrifood System Collaborative Action Research Education for BIPOC Community-led Equitable Food-Oriented Development in the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Region 

This project responds to the multiple crises amplified by the pandemic, socio-political justice movements, and natural resource degradation exacerbated by climate change. The urgent call for more equitable food systems from leading BIPOC organizations drives this transdisciplinary research.