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Julie Jesmer

Posted by msanderson | November 11, 2021

Julie Jesmer
Washington State University
Research Fellow, Graduate Student
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Julie Jesmer is a graduate student in the Master of Agriculture program at Washington State University. She has a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is exploring the intersections between agriculture and social work. Her earlier work in Western Kenya introduced her to the complexity of food security and she has developed a passion for integrating food justice into her work in agriculture. She focuses on community based education and development working through organizational collaborations and university extension programs. Her goal is to assist communities and organizations to increase everyone’s access to healthy food while incorporating a lens of food justice.   

Julie's Work

ranch in new mexico with blue sky and sparse clouds

Revitalization, Realignment, and Reemergence: A project proposal for the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute Farm Program

Utilizing concepts from horticultural therapy, community-based social work, and vocational training and rehabilitation, this proposal will produce several deliverables designed to transform the farm and the treatment paradigm of the programs at NMBHI.