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Todd Murray

white man with glasses and arms crossedTodd Murray
Advisory Board Member, Fellow
Washington State University
Phone: 509-335-8744
Email: (click to contact)

Todd is a tenured and fully promoted faculty member in the Agriculture and Natural Resource Extension Program Unit. Todd has a diverse experience in Extension programming such as leading Master Gardeners, creating invasive species detection curriculum, developing youth programs in forestry along with engaging in multistate research programs responding to emerging pest issues. Todd currently is an endowed chair in Urban Entomology and is leading a team of faculty and programs that focus on urban issues at the Puyallup Research and Extension Center located in a farming valley just outside of Tacoma city limits in the metropolitan Seattle-Tacoma region. The center is embedded in an area that houses over half of the state’s population within a 35-mile radius.

Todd will be working in partnership with Jordan Jobe (WSU).

Todd's Fellowship Work

Project Page: Fulfilling the Land Grant University Mission at State Agricultural Experiment Stations in Urban Interfaces of the West

The authors are seeking support to dive deeply into the experience of experimental agricultural stations and to develop recommendations for stations to adapt to continued urbanization, understand the current needs of our agricultural stakeholders, as well as the tribes whose land we are on, and understand how the Land Grant mission can continue (or adapt) in the peri-urban west.