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University of Arizona

Tuscon Arizona skyline with mountain and university of arizona buildings at sunsetFor more information, please visit the University of Arizona website.

Metropolitan Areas in Colorado (definition of metropolitan) with links to the local Cooperative Extension office:

MSA = Metropolitan Statistical Area
(#) = Rural-Urban Continuum Code


Greater than 1 million population (1)

MSA: Phoenix – Mesa – Chandler

Principal Cities: Phoenix
MSA Counties: Maricopa, Pinal, Gila

MSA: Tucson – Nogales

Principal Cities: Tucson
MSA Counties: Pima, Santa Cruz

250,000 to 1 million population (1)

MSA: Prescott Valley – Prescott

Principal Cities: Prescott
MSA Counties: Yavapai

Fewer than 250,000

MSA: Yuma

Principal Cities: Yuma
MSA Counties: Yuma

arizona state core based statistical areas and counties map