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Staff Exchanges

One-on-one learning remains a very powerful tool. As such, staff exchanges allow Extension educators to observe and understand successful metropolitan Extension programs and operational models first hand, thereby gaining relevant knowledge and skills. The Western Center supports the coordination and documentation of staff exchange outcomes. Additionally, the Western Center plans to secure funding to cover transportation costs for Center sponsored exchanges (on a competitive basis).

To extend the value of staff exchanges, the Western Center developed a WCMER Staff Exchange Report Out (.docx) document for use in developing and reporting on staff exchanges. The Center collects these reports and posts them for others to read.

These report-outs will include:

  1. Title
  2. Exchange Information: Host city, program area, and staff involved and visiting staff, program area and city
  3. Duration
  4. Program Change: Prior to the exchange a synopsis of how the exchange would lead to programming changes such as reaching new audiences, reaching more or different communities, changing program policies or marketing, or developing new approaches to programming.  After the exchange there will be the opportunity to document changes put in place by the visiting program.
  5. Objectives / Goals: Specific goals for the exchange
  6. Actions / Activities: Specific plans related to the developed goals
  7. Outcomes: Goal specific outcomes learned from the exchange and take away messages to share with others.
  8. Resources Developed / Acquired: Examples of brochures, syllabus, videos, etc that were acquired or developed as part of the exchange.

Reflection: If goals, objectives, or outcomes were not achieved, reflection on why not. Will additional exchange opportunities be sought out based on this experience?