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Logo: Western Center for Metropolitan Extension and Research

The Western Center for Metropolitan Extension and Research works to increase the internal capacity of Western Extension programs to address metropolitan issues and to elevate the stature and value of Cooperative Extension to external metropolitan audiences.

We also work with urban municipalities, NGO’s, and private businesses – connecting our partners with university professionals working across the Western United States whose expertise lies in project management, facilitation, leadership, and academia.




Membership in WCMER is open to any Cooperative Extension organization. Benefits of membership apply to all faculty and staff in your institution.


Project Specialists

The Western Center invites you to contact us and explore opportunities to contract with our nation-wide pool of nimble, responsive and flexible subject matter experts.


Applied Research Fellows

WCMER funds and empowers Applied Research Fellows from WCMER member institutions to engage in applied research projects.


Sustainable Urban Systems

The Next Urban Giants – Building Resilience and Equity into Growing Megapolitan Regions by Greening the Urban Human-Natural System. HELD JULY 30 – AUGUST 1, 2019 SEATTLE, WA        Held in July, 2019…

Urban Professional Development Summit

Urban Professional Development Summit The Urban Professional Development, the launch activity for applied research fellowship and Deep Dive, led by Dr. Julie Fox, tOSU ), built upon the National Urban Extension framework and implementation plan…

Green infrastructure at NUEC19 conference may 23-24, 2019

Urban Green Infrastructure Summit

Creating new collaborative networks, identifying research and education priorities, and sharing existing resources. Urban Green Infrastructure Summit Metropolitan areas face many challenges, including those of urban flooding, storm-water management, air and water quality, urban heat…

Well Connected Communities

National 4-H Council, in partnership with the groundbreaking health initiatives of the nationwide Cooperative Extension System (CES) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), is helping to drive transformational change to create a Culture of…

Featured Fellow

Julie Fox, Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Associate Chair, Department of Extension; OSU Extension Urban Metro
Program Leader and Central Regional Director

Research question –What competencies are unique for Extension professionals working in urban or metropolitan designated areas?