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WCMER Fellows

WCMER Fellows lead WCMER’s Deep Dives, established  to spur innovation within Extension, address complex issues facing metropolitan areas, and support the organizational needs of urban Extension programs, while providing opportunities for faculty at WCMER member institutions to lead multi-state or national projects. Each WCMER Deep Dive is led by a funded WCMER Fellow, a subject matter expert from a member institution, who provides leadership to:

  • Assess the current state of the issue – the current knowledge base and the need and opportunities within metropolitan communities; and build a collaborative network of other professionals working in an area.
  • Identify and pursue funding opportunities; and help advance the knowledge base of other Extension professionals. Deep Dives may continue from one fellow to the next as work continues.

We invite you to review the work of our current and past WCMER Deep Dive Fellows. Information about becoming a WCMER fellow is here.

Current Fellows

Past Fellows

Julie Jesmer
Research Fellow, Graduate Student
Washington State University
Email: Click here



Jeantyl Norze, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
University of Nevada Reno
Phone: (702)-257-5527
Tyler Augst, MS
Research Fellow
Michigan State University
Phone: (269) 436-0520




Dave Ivan Michigan Profile PicDavid Ivan, Ph.D.
Research Fellow, Advisory Board
Michigan State University
Phone: (517) 432-7602
Julie Fox HeadshotJulie M. Fox, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Ohio State University
Phone: (740) 289-2071 x 225