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Eric Killian

Eric Killian
Advisory Board
University of Nevada Reno
Phone: (702) 222-3130

Eric is the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Southern Area Director. He oversees the daily activities for Clark, Lincoln, Nye/Esmeralda, Eureka and White Pine Counties. In this role, he will provide leadership to over 110 faculty and staff in five counties, 10 offices and a multi-million dollar budget.

Over his 20 year multi-faceted extension career, Killian has demonstrated outstanding leadership in a wide variety of extension topics and programming. Nationally, he is well known and widely respected among extension professionals for his varied and numerous national taskforce and committee involvement. Killian has held leadership positions and key roles with most of the national Children, Youth, and Family Extension initiatives of the past 20 years, including Youth-at-Risk programming, CYFAR, 4-H Afterschool, Extension Cares and Military Partnerships. His contributions to extension programming and his involvement in several national initiatives have helped shape the direction, focus, and sustainability of these programs nationwide.

Over his tenure, Killian has worked at the county, area and state level with three university systems where he led program planning, staff development and management, training efforts and fostered relationships with other organizations and agencies including marketing, accountability and dissemination of information. For the past two years, Killian had served as the Interim Southern Area Director.