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Workshops & Events

The Western Center produces topic-based workshops related to professional development and applied research projects. Many of our workshops help advance the work of Deep Dive Fellowships. The Western Center works collaboratively with member institutions to host local workshops in their own cities. Western Center staff support the content and logistics of the workshop while the hosting state prioritizes local content, speakers and additional activities.

Past Events

Sustainable Urban Systems

Sustainable Urban Systems

July 30-August 1, 2019 – Talaris Conference Center in Seattle, WA. Funded by the National Science Foundation, this by-invitation only workshop brought together a select group of 40 experts across an array of disciplines, sectors, and…

Urban Professional Development Summit

Urban Professional Development Summit, the launch activity for applied research fellowship and Deep Dive, led by Dr. Julie Fox, tOSU ), was built upon the National Urban Extension framework and implementation plan.

GI summit flyer

Urban Green Infrastructure Summit

Urban Green Infrastructure Summit Creating new collaborative networks, identifying research and education priorities, and sharing existing resources. Metropolitan areas face many challenges, including those of urban flooding, storm-water management, air and water quality, urban heat…

Seattle skyline during sunset

The 2019 National Urban Extension Conference

Innovation in the City: A Land Grant University Experience May 20-23, 2019 Motif Hotel – Seattle, WA Washington State University Extension’s Metro Center was proud to coordinate and host the 2019 National Urban Extension Conference.

Archived Professional Development Workshops

Extension as Urban Policy Advisers

Seattle, WA – Feb 2015

  • Learn about working at the policy, systems, and environment change interface.
  • Understand how policy is made at the local, regional, and state levels.