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Project Criteria Image

A flow chart that starts with Topic Identification, proceeds through Team Assembled, Applied Research, Outputs, and end with Outcomes.

The flow chart has five categories from left to right, Topic Identification, Team Assembled, Applied Research, Outputs, and Outcomes.  Listed under each category is a bullet list of items.

Topic Idenitfication

  • Issued Based
  • Professional Development

Team Assembled

  • Led by Center Director
  • Utilized extension expertise

Applied Research

  • Managed by Project Specialist


  • Scholarship
    • Policy briefs
    • Journal articles
    • Conferences
  • Professional Development
    • Pre-conference
    • Webinar
    • WELD add on
    • Staff exchanges


  • Informed decision making
  • Skilled Extension staff
  • Elevated profile of Extension in metropolitan regions