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Project Specialists

Project Specialists

  • Nationally vetted experts available to conduct applied research
  • Project Specialists work through a contract with WCMER/Washington State University

Project Team

  • The project Team is assigned by WCMER based on expertise and availability
  • The project Team works closely with the local Extension office
  • The model is intended to be nimble and project-based
  • There are no programs or volunteers Projects are intended to be short-term


  • Seeking answers to questions that require applied research
  • Questions are issue-based
  • Wiling to pay for a national, expert Project Team that will answer all question(s) through applied research

Local Extension Office

  • Serves as a Co-PI for the local project
  • Secures project interest form the funder
  • introduces funder to the WCMER management model
  • Co-manages the local project and Project Team with WCMER
  • Provides funder with final report
  • Retains local cost recovery


  • Stocks and vets the Project Specialists expert talent pool
  • Handles payment to Project Specialists
  • Handles master contracts between universities and sponsored programs
  • Assigns Projects Teams based on availability
  • Co-Manages the local projects