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Jenny Kao-Kniffin

Jenny Kao-KniffinJenny Kao-Kniffin
Advisory Board
Cornell University
Phone: (607) 255-8886
Email: (click to contact)

As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture, Jenny studies the belowground ecology of horticultural landscapes and extend research results to the public. Much of her work focuses on the ecology and management of invasive plants and weeds found in horticultural landscapes, wetlands, and urban ecosystems. Soil microorganisms impact plant populations in many ways, both beneficially (aiding in plant growth and fitness) and negatively (keeping populations in check). Many of these interactions can be isolated to better understand their potential for plant management.

Jenny’s extension duties focus on assisting public and private audiences with the most appropriate methods to manage weedy and invasive plants in horticultural landscapes. Along with colleagues at Cornell, she is developing a web-based software program that allows users to select weed methods based on conventional or organic weed management preferences. She works with public, private, and university partners in developing innovative, cost-effective control strategies that can be integrated into sustainable weed management programs.