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Julie Fox, P.h.D.

2018-19 Research Fellow, Professional Development

Julie Fox, Ph.D.
Associate Professor; OSU Extension, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Urban Engagement
Phone: (740) 289-2071 x 225

As an Associate Professor with the Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Julie serves as the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Urban Engagement for OSU Extension. She created the curriculum for the national Leadership in the City course which has engaged urban Extension professionals across the country. Her research focuses on community engagement, entrepreneurial leadership, and organizational strategy. Julie holds a Ph.D. in Human and Community Resource Development and a MBA in Global Management.

Julie’s background also includes working in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Prior to working with OSU, she served as the executive director for an international trade association and a marketing manager for a worldwide nonprofit organization. Read Julie’s extended bio here.

About Julie’s Deep Dive Focus

Throughout Julie’s fellowship she conducted applied research related to Extension organizational models and professional development.

Research question –What competencies are unique for Extension professionals working in urban or metropolitan designated areas?

Research methods include a Competency Framework Development (CFD) process based on the DACUUM model; qualitative survey research; qualitative inquiry through targeted interviews. The research will include a review of existing literature and practice as a foundation from which to initiate the CFD.

Expected outcomes – Extension leaders can use the findings to improve Extension’s ability to attract, develop, retain, and structure competent talent. The competency model is a powerful decision-making tool for developing the capacity and competency of urban Extension educators, specialists, and administrators working with multi-stakeholder agendas.

A Competency Framework Development (CFD) project was completed with eXtension, Eduworks, and research participants from all of ECOP’s geographic regions. The framework can be used for additional classifications of urban Extension personnel.

Reports, Publications & Presentations

National Urban Extension Conference Leading Edge Dialogue “Staffing: Preparing the urban Extension workforce“, May 2019

2019 Urban Extension Professional Development Summit executive summary, February, 2019

National Urban Extension Conference Ignite presentation for all attendees, May 2017

Journal article in the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension (JHSE) Urban Extension special issue (vol 5, issue 2), distributed in both electronic and print formats

Conference presentation at the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP), June 2017, (program, page 12)

Integration of findings in a new Leadership in the City curriculum, Sept – Oct. 2017


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