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Extension as Urban Policy Advisors Feb 2015

Posted by Lendl Meyer | July 17, 2014

Below are follow-up items from the February 19-20, 2015 workshop

Link to discussion forum (Google group) for follow-up discussions

Agenda (.pdf)

Presenter Bios (.pdf)

Participants -updated- (.pdf)

Materials from presentations

complete packet – all materials (.pdf)

Dori Babcock: Policies, Systems and Environmental Change (.pdf)

Monica Simmons: How a bill becomes a law handout (.pdf)

Brad Gaolach: Policy Checklist exercise (.pdf)

Marilyn Sitaker: Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy: presentation (.pdf) /  handout (.pdf)

Michael Kern: Collaborative Public Policy: presentation (.pdf) / article (.pdf) / overview (.pdf)

Patrick Proden: Deliberative Dialogue: presentation (.pdf) / discussion handout (.pdf)

Rusty Collins: Denver’s Residential Sales Ordinance: presentation (.pdf) / handout (.pdf)

Phyllis Shulman: Mini-Goats in Seattle: presentation (.pdf)public health review (.pdf) / briefing paper (.pdf) / SEPA notice (.pdf)

Fe Moncloa: Using Research to Prepare Policy: Extension’s Role (.pdf)

Panel Discussion > Heather Trim: Role of NGOs (.pdf)